Between April and June 2024 revillage, a new project dreamt up by Sonja Kresojevic is running a three-month experiment (April to July) bringing diverse groups of people together in a series of gatherings. All of these are held in a beautiful Cucuron in the Provence, with plenty of space to immerse ourselves in nature, enjoy the silence and company of others, and reconnect with our collective imagination, and creativity.
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As part of these explorations the wonderful Glyn Bottrell and I are hosting a three day gathering around questions we have been exploring in the field of transformation, healing and conflict resolution. Glyn and I met at a Worldwork/Deep democracy training with CFOR/Prozesswork UK in 2020 and in a moment of mediocre madness, we decided to buddy up for a journey of the heart – a journey which has led us through much laughter, swamplands and fields, explorations on wild coasts – and now to the Provence.

Both personally, and as facilitators we have come across two major themes, which will provide entry points to this exploration: holding uncertainty and healing as part of transformational change.

Our invitation for this gathering around “Healing Connections: how can vulnerability be our guide?” is to share learnings and explore questions such as:
Is healing the ground for regeneration?
What is needed to heal ourselves and the organizations/systems we are part of?
How do we honour the fragility, vulnerability and grief that we experience as a guide to what matters to us?
What if we could build our capacity to step into that vulnerability to create space for healing work?
Can we bridge emotional and spiritual practices and what we know of trauma into building healing capacities in communities and organizations?
What’s the contract, the language?

We will propose ways of working (empty space, felt sense/somatic dialogue, movement, nature, deep democracy, cooking, having tea and coffee together) and hope to create a flow of working together with everyone involved. Our possible working languages are English, German and creative French. This offering draws on the work of many fantastic teachers, practitioners, colleagues and friends, we will share more when we meet.

We’d love you to join us to add your questions, experience, and care to the conversation.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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